When I Learn You Learn

I become so happy when people visit my blog. Just the thought that there’s another soul out there showing an interest when it comes to health and nutrition gives me a warm feeling. A better world begins with us, the individual. The individual is the core of society, so with a better soul comes a better world. And that world is a world everybody wants to live in. It all starts with what we put in our bodies.

My goal is to give those with an interest to learn about nutrition the platform to do just that. No matter what change you intend to make or are able to do, be it a big one or just a small one this is the place for you. These are the people I think about when I try to find out useful information to bring people. Why not become part of the NutraInfo gang and follow me on Twitter, that way we can give each other pointers and support.

The nutritional information here is intended to not be too technical. But rather easy to understand and from reliable sources. Everybody is supposed to be able to understand and make use of the information given here.

On this site, you will find nutritionally related subjects, everything from vitamins to reviews of health-related documentaries. Keep yourself updated by signing up for NutraInfos newsletter or follow me on Twitter.

For me, as a proponent of health and nutrition, it’s important to sort out all the facts from fiction. Instead, I put the focus and energy on the facts.

Health and nutrition got me out of a chronic illness. Doctors said I couldn’t be cured and today I live a normal life- without medications. This is proof of what can be done with the knowledge of nutrition.


When I learn you learn 😉

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