Cannabis cultivation is becoming legal in Denmark – to create new jobs

The Danish government is about to legalize cannabis cultivation. The idea is that cannabis is to be used as medicine – both inside and outside Denmark. Minister for Children and Social Affairs Mai Mercado hopes that cannabis cultivation will boost the Danish labor market.

January 1, next year, it will be possible for doctors in Denmark to prescribe cannabis to their patients for medical use. That decision has already been made.

So far, the idea has been that the medical cannabis should be imported to Denmark. However, according to Danish TV2, the Danish government now opens to legalize medical cannabis cultivation in Denmark. A majority of the Government state, with support from the Danish People’s Party, to support the experiment of Danish cannabis cultivation.

The purpose, according to the Danish TV2’s information, is to use a Dutch model of cultivation under strictly controlled conditions. 

-This is not something you can just grow in a garden. We want real plants with the right content, says Danish People’s Party Liselott Blixt.

Job creation is an important reason for the turnabout.

– Danes will be allowed to produce medical cannabis during this four-year period, instead of importing from abroad. It can generate income and job creation, says Denmark’s Minister for Children and Social Affairs Mai Mercado. 

Industrial hemp is already legal to grow. The new proposal concerns Danish cultivation of cannabis containing drug-classified tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.

Health Minister Ellen Trane Nørby clarifies for the newspaper, Politiken that commercial actors will be responsible for the practical cultivation.

Before the cultivation can start, a legislative amendment and decision in the parliament are required.

The Danish agriculture and food industry’s trade association welcomes the proposal.

-It is important that we gain knowledge in this area so that we can produce both for the Danish experiement and the growing European market. It is no secret that we see great potential in this production, says Agriculture & Food Council vice-chair Lars Hvidfeldt to the newspaper Politiken.



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