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Cronometer- No More Counting Calories!


Are you always checking to see how much of what you have put on your plate, or are going to? Feeling frustrated because “it’s food, do I really need to be a mathematician to sort this out?” Well you probably have and you are not alone.

You see the “health people” on YouTube telling you, “you need X amounts of this and Y amounts of this”. I would like to tell you that all that’s unnecessary and you don’t need to listen, however I can’t. The classical “all one needs is a good diet” is all fine and dandy.

But the truth of the matter is that we need to ask ourselves, do I really know what a good diet is?

If you read this article you probably have some health related interest or questions and have hopefully understood that 90% of people doesn’t understand what a good diet is. So I will tell you that there’s no need to be a mathematician. Now days we have the internet, where you can find the Cronometer. It´s a wonderful tool that I “just ran into” and now want to share with you.


Depictive image of the Cronometer nutritional measurement tool.

The problem of counting goes away.

You save time and trouble.

No more frustration.


If you’re like me you probably didn’t even do the counting and checking of the nutrients because of all the hassle. Of course this tool, wonderful as it is isn’t fool-proof. However as long as you are not a body builder and needs the very exact nutrient or calorie count this tool is more than just fine.


Adding Food


You can even see the Cronometer coming up with more exact food descriptions. For instance if you enter “Vegetable Soup” you can see and choose “vegetable Bean Soup”. Or you can choose between 50 other kinds of vegetable soups.



Illustration of the Adding of Food to the Cronometer.
        Adding Food to the Cronometer.


  • Necessary skills for adding a food to the Cronometer: Being able to spell apple or vegetable soup.


Track your Nutrients and Log your Diet, Exercise, Biometrics, and Notes


Adding Exercise


Those who exercise can can find the “Add Exercise” button and find out how many calories you burn depending on what you do. Want to find out what your walk did for you?


Illustration of the Adding of Exercise to the Cronometer.
         Adding Exercise to the Cronometer.


  • Necessary skills for adding an exercise to the Cronometer: Being able to spell Walking or Running.


           In summation: 

  1. Free to use.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Saves you time.
  4. No counting needed.



The Cronometer is a highly useful tool and is even endorsed by Dr. Mercola who is one of the most influential nutritional experts out there.



Signing up is Free and simple to do. You can sign up with your:


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*With your Email address



Illustration of the Sign Up process.
Cronometer Sign Up process.



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